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Dr. Martin V. Canavan

Dr. Canavan 1923-1980 was a legend among the Missionary Baptist Work. In this list you may listen to some of his great messages. Dr. Canavan was one of Dr. Phillips' close friends. Dr. Jim wanted these messages placed here for all to enjoy. Bro. Canavan was one of the early radio ministers in the state of California. Each church that he pastored he pastored for years and always accomplished much in every palce he worked. He lead the leaders in the churches. They looked up to him for advice and they took it. He taught at CMBI for years. Dr. Jim tells stories of Dr. Canavan leaving the hospital after being admitted for heart attacks and going right straight to his classes at the seminary to teach God's Word. He gave his all for the Lord until the last day of his life. With great love and affection we present these messages, for your edification, that we can learn from and remember this man walked the walk as few would dare to do.

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Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan At Parbar Westward

This is one of Bro. Canavan's famous sermons that he preached in many places. Dr. Canavan preached this message in many revivals that he preached among Baptist churches. This message was recorded in one of those revivals.

Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan A Servant Must Be Faithful II Timothy 2:1-ff

Dr.Martin Canavan preached this sermon at CMBI. II Timothy 2:1-ff Dr. Canavan passed from this life at a young age but he left behind a firey trail like that of a comet. He may not have lived a long life but he was busy at God's business. It was my privilege to have sit at his feet and learned. He was one of the greatest examples of selfless service that I have ever known. When he passed from this life I was directed to teach all of his classes at CMBI. I sure did not fill his shoes but I did my best. Jim Phillips

Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan Hope by Dr. Martin V. Canavan

Dr. Martin Canavan was and example and a blessing to all that ever met him. A sermon from December 1979

Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan Nahum, the Book and The Prophet

Dr. Canavan taught this class in his Old Testament survey class. Dr. Canavan not only taught classes at CMBI he preached his classes. Nearly every class was a great sermon as you can readily see. Dr Jim recorded this class as he attended this class March,16 1979.

Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan One More Night With The Frogs

Presented In The 1970s. This message is one of Dr. Canavan's signiture messages that he preached in many places over the states and at meetings. It was everyones favorite.

Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan Here I Am Send Me

A sermon from 1980 by Dr. Martin V. Canavan.

Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan Why Jesus Came by Dr. Martin Canavan

Dr. Martin Canavan preached this message. It was a great message from a great man of God. Brother Canavan left a great legacy behind for all to try to follow. One is challenged greatly to do all that Brother Canavan accomplished in his short life. Preached January 13, 1980.

Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan Western Civilization

12-3-1979 This was a class that Dr. Martin Canavan taught in his Western Civilization class. Dr. Canavan preached nearly every one of his classes. Each class was a classic.

Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan Mind Your Own Business

Dr. Martin V. Canavan preached this message at the California State Assn meeting of ABA Churches at Visailia, Californis in April 4, 1976. this was a grat message with a lot of wisdom it it.

Play  Download  Dr. Martin VanBuren Canavan Expository Preaching

Dr. Martin Canavan preached this great message at CMBI during the Chapel Service April 19, 1979