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Dr. E A Sharver

Dr. E A Sharver was a great educators and pastor among ABA Missionary Baptist Churches. He was former President of CMBI July9, 1960 to November 13, 1962. Dr. Sharver was a great theologian and each sermon that he preached could be studied for a lifetime and never get it all digested. Each message was a goldmine of information.

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Play  Download  Dr. E A Sharver Armageddon by Dr. E A Sharver

Dr. E A Sharver was one of the greatest theologians among Missionary Baptist brethren. Here is one of his great messages that he preached at CMBI February 17, 1976.

Play  Download  Dr. E A Sharver The Chruch The Kingdom and The Family by Dr. E A Sharver

This is one of the greatest messages thaat I have ever heard preached on the Church the Kingdon of God and the Family of God. You can learn from this lesson for years to come. You know as Dr. Farrar used to say there is a time element to learning. Here is a lesson that will test your brain cells for years to come. Dr. Sharver preached thiws message at the Armona Bible conference February 20, 1975.

Play  Download  Dr. E A Sharver When The Son Shall Come by Dr. E A Sharver

This is another one of Dr. Sharvers great messages. Dr E A Sharver was one of the greatest theological minds among Missionary Baptist ranks. Brother Sharver preached this message February 17, 1978.

Play  Download  Dr. E A Sharver Your Christian Life by Dr. E A Sharver

Dr. Sharver preached this message at CMBI chapel service. We do not have the date but it is a fine message up to par with all of his other messages from God's Word.